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Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Living Water & Fire features by Rockwater

Q. How long will it take to install my waterfall?
A. 30 minutes to 8 hours installation time as a prefabricated unit. Customization requires additional time.

Q. Can I install my own Rockwater unit?
A. Yes, we will be happy to instruct you on the set-up and installation procedures.

Q. What materials are used to make a Rockwater waterfall and pond?
A. Glass fiber reinforced concrete, better known as GFRC, this product is not made with plastics, foams or resins. The rocks form a hollow shell ,with a half inch wall thickness.

Q. Why do Rockwater products look so real?
A. We make molds of Mother Nature’s best rock creations and then rework them into Rockwater Designs.

Q. Are Rockwater products heavy?
A. Rockwater GFRC rock castings weigh only 10 to 20% of a similar natural rock; Boulders range from 1' @15 lbs. To 4' @100lbs. and 7' to ' @ 2-300lbs. Waterfall and pond components weigh between 100 and 300 lbs.

Q. Are Rockwater products weather resistant?
A. Yes, and Rockwater products do not contain plastic, foam, or resin, and therefore are not affected by ozone or UV sun light rays.

Q. Will my waterfall waste water?
A. No the pump is recirculating the water, the only water loss will be from evaporation and can be added back to the waterfall by an auto fill valve or by hand with a hose.

Q. How much will it cost to run my waterfall ?
A. Operating costs will vary depending on the pump choice; the cost can be just pennies a day on the smaller systems.

Q. How does the cost compare to waterfalls made from real rock?
A. Rockwater products look like real rock but light weight and prefabrication means installation time and cost are greatly reduced.

Q. Can I incorporate a Rockwater waterfall into my existing pond design?
A. Yes, with a few plumbing modifications.
Q. Can a Rockwater product break?
A. Yes, even though GFRC is stronger than concrete, it can be damaged or chipped by being dropped or struck with a metal yard tool or other hard object, however, common or Portland cement can be used to repair the damaged area.

Q. Can my children or pets play in my waterfall?
A. Rockwater products are designed and warranted for use as decorative garden accents, other use may void the warranty.

Q. Can I keep fish in my Rockwater pond?
A. Yes, however, we suggest the addition of biological filtration to your system.

Q. Will the color of Rockwater products ever change?
A. Yes, somewhat overtime with exposure ,however, weathering actually improves the realistic appearance of Rockwater products.

Q. Can I put chemicals in my pond to control algae?
A. Yes, but if you have plants or fish use approved chemicals only , and follow the product manufacturer’s directions.

Q. What are the electrical requirements?
A. A standard 110v / 15-20amp household outlet, which should be of GFI / U L approved type. (Outdoors, a covered while in use type)

Q. Can I put a Rockwater unit inside my home or business?
A. Many people use our units indoor, but we do not recommend doing so due to the possibility of moisture damage.

Q. What if my pumps breaks?
A. We sell and install high quality pumps which should provide years of service when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

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